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Transforming access to Somali language education

War means news, and warar is the plural of news. Note that ‘waran’ means spear. Maybe you made a typing error. Ka qabaa. Ka is a preposition meaning ‘about’, …what I think about it. E.g., ‘Maxaad ka qabtaa dagaalka Suuriya?” What do you think about the Syrian war?’
Add the word soo which indicates that the letter is coming from you. Note that there is a preposition ‘u – to’ added to the pronoun ‘ku – you’ I am writing to you… Adding the pronoun and preposition together we get ku + u = kuu.

Imagine if you could step away from the meaning of Somali words and just experience the language in a musical way?

Just like music, each language has a rhythm and a melody. The speed and stress make the rhythm and the intonation makes the melody.



Speak Somali Like A Native

Do you avoid speaking Somali with your relatives and friends because you’re embarrassed by how much better they are?



Speak Somali Clearly & Confidently

Are you a confident Somali speaker? If the answer is no, it may be because as a child your parents didn't speak to you in Somali. You can't change the past. But, you can change your present...and your future!

If you're willing to learn, this course will place you on the quickest and most direct route to help you sound clearer, more natural, more confident and more relaxed when you’re speaking Somali.

Speak Somali Clearly & Confidently

Learn to be able to achieve this incredible goal, even if you’ve never spoken it before.

Expert Instruction

90 days unlimited consultation

Speech Evaluation

Live 1-1 feedback


Awarded on completion


Mohammed Nur (MSc, BSc, TEFL)

Founder and CEO
Somali Language Lab

Hi! I’m Mohammed.

I’m a qualified professional language teacher and the Founder of Somali Language Lab. I’ve taught English for over 15 years in schools and universities offline and online. And, I also teach Somali online to countless students from the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Hungary, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

I specialise in helping busy Somali language learners conquer their fear of speaking Somali and communicate with courage.

I develop online resources to help you reach fluency quicker and also to improve the other important aspects of Somali communication. I want to help you feel comfortable speaking Somali, so that you can relax and be the confident Somali speaker you always wished you were.