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Heedheh builds connections, understanding and trust between people in all countries through culture, education and the Somali language.

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Somali Writing Class
Mohammed M. Nur

Learn Somali Online: Walaashay

If we say. ‘Habeenkan bay keligeed joogtaa guri,’ the word guri minus the definite article means house or a house, and in Somali would mean, ‘This evening, she is alone in a house.’ In English too, we would need to add the definite article

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Five Cute Pigs
Somali Writing Class
Mohammed M. Nur

Learn Somali Online: The Three Little Pigs

Remember in Somali that the subject noun has to be focused with either ‘waa/waxa/ayaa/baa.’ For example, ‘Maalin maalmaha ka mid ah hooyadood waxay ku tidhii.’ Wax means ‘thing’ and ‘ay’ refers to the feminine noun. So, wax + ay = waxay

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Nuuridiin Faarax
Somali Writing Class
Mohammed M. Nur

Learn Somali Online: Nuuridiin Faarax

OK, so who interviewed Nuruddin Farah? We don’t know. But we know that he was interviewed. So let’s add the impersonal pronoun to our sentence

Waxaan daawaday waraysi lala yeeshay Nuuruddiin Faarax.

la + la = lala (la = preposition ‘with’ + la = impersonal pronoun)

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driving school
Somali Writing Class
Mohammed M. Nur

Learn Somali Online: Driving Test

B- Waan fahmay. Ma waxaad ku jirtaa barashada u diyaar garowga imtixaaankaas hadda?

When asking some one a question, begin with ‘Ma waxaad…’

‘waxaad’ should immediately follow the question marker ‘ma’

Are you…? Ma waxaad…?

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I’m a qualified professional language teacher and the Founder of Heedheh. I’ve taught English for over 15 years in schools and universities offline and online. And, I’ve also been teaching Somali online for a number of years to countless students from the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Hungary, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.
Most Somali language learners struggle with learning Somali. They feel afraid to speak. I help them communicate with courage so they can connect deeper with their loved ones and their Somali heritage.

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