Apps I recommend: Nozzle

Nozzle is an excellent enterprise level rank tracking tool and SERP analysis. The amount of data by different segments as well as competitive analysis and share of voice reporting is incredible.

Being able to monitor and analyze what I and others within my industry are up to helps me to reach my SEO goals. What this means is that I can monitor which publishers own the most top 10 and top 3 rankings across all of my keyword groups.


  • It has unlimited brand/competitor tracking as it tracks them by domain.
  • They give you their entire package and do not hold anything back as far as features.
  • Just tracking your brand and all of your digital properties including YouTube, guests posts and all press releases at no additional cost against your monthly pull allocation is worth the price.


  • It is overwhelming at first because there is so much to do see and do.
  • Not a traditional SEO Search tool (as most others are limited in what they offer) so getting around and getting used to can be an initial change.
  • You may run out of monthly pulls if you are not careful as most other tools pull for desktop, ios mobile, android mobile, but the pull is if I pulled all three of those and multiplied it by daily weekly or once a month then multiplied it by each key word you may run out of pulls for the month and be charged overage according to the plan.

In conclusion, I was looking for an easy and efficient way to track my search rankings and monitor my competitors for SEO.

I have tried a few LTD’s before I came across Nozzle, and it has been extremely helpful. The tool makes it easy to track multiple keywords on customized data collection schedules.

It also offers an easy way to compare the provided data to your direct competitors. This is a feature that I have been looking for in a tool, and I am glad I have found it.

It takes a few minutes to navigate around the features, but you get a very good onboarding video in their first email. Smart move! After the video, it is really easy to organize all your keywords, groups and phrases. This is the first tool that does exactly what I need and I can’t wait to dig further into Nozzle!